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Why Donate

  • At the Cross Training Center, our students learn valuable skills by diagnosing, repairing and reselling vehicles and small engine machinery.
  • All donated vehicles are used for training purposes, no matter their condition, good or bad.
  • Our students earn certifications as they learn skills and receive valuable vocational experience.
  • The donor receives a tax deduction based on the market value of the vehicle.

What We Take


All vehicles are valuable to us – Junkers! Clunkers! and Classics! 
Those that are in great condition, those that need a little TLC or those that are on their last leg – they all serve a need at the Cross Training Center.

  • No matter their condition – good or bad – we use them all for the same purpose – first training and then they provide financial resource to us.
  • Junkers, clunkers, classics and basics – We take em ALL!
  • We accept any vehicle, running or not – No matter what condition it is in.
  • This includes cars, trucks, buses, RV’s, campers, trailers, motor cycles, farm & yard tractors and small engine units.Trucks, RV’s, Trailers, Quads, Work Trucks,, Work Vans.  You name it – we will put it to good use.

 The Donation Process

  • Delivery or Pick Up Service
    Guardian Towing will provide free tow service for donated vehicles when needed.
  • Tax Deduction
    We are a non-profit corporation 501(c)3 so your donation is fully tax deductible. You will receive a receipt and tax form 1098-C for your donation to be used for tax purposes.  the tax deduction is based on the market value of the vehicle no matter what we do with it.
  • The donation process is easy, just give us a call to get started.
    Call Brenda at 402-590-2100 or


Thank you for considering donating a vehicle to Cross Training Center.