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Transmission Fluid Exchange Service

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Transmission Fluid Exchange Service

Low fluid almost always indicates a leak or a malfunction in the transmission or its related components. You should be aware of changes in the driving characteristics of your vehicle.


  • Late or early shifting
  • Slipping
  • Unusual noise of any kind

Excessive heat is a major cause of premature transmission failure and the reason why many cars end up in a transmission repair shop.  Transmission service is also recommended after rocking the vehicle back and forth when stuck in snow or sand.  This is due to the transmission operating in excess of 400 degrees.  Heavy loads will cause overheating and reduce transmission life as well.  You should use caution not to exceed the vehicle manufacturers weight limits.

From automatic transmission flush service to fixing rough shifting problems, Cross Automotiveis the trusted transmission repair shop that provides reliable, affordable automatic and manual transmission service.  Here’s a rundown of the car transmission services we provide.


  • Remove contaminated fluid from the transmission system using the industries best flush / exchange equipment.
  • Replace up to 15 quarts of Synthetic transmission fluid
  • Help smooth rough/hard shifting problems
  • Filter extra (if needed)


  • Shifting Problems
  • RPM’s increase although vehicle “slips”, doesn’t accelerate as it should
  • Overheating (engine overheating can be caused by a transmission that is not shifting properly)


  • Improved shifting performance
  • Improved fuel mileage
  • Longer transmission life