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Radiator Coolant Exchange Service

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Radiator Coolant Exchange Service

Your vehicle’s engine generates enough heat to destroy itself.  Your radiator is an integral part of the cooling system and helps keep the engine at the proper temperature.  Heat is produced every time you drive your vehicle. This is why it is important to have your vehicle’s cooling system checked at least every two years to help prolong your engine’s life.

Cross Automotive radiator coolant exchange service will help ensure that your car’s cooling system is running smoothly. To get the maximum performance from your vehicle, drop by your local Cross Automotive for quality coolant exchange service.


  • Inspect cooling system and check for leaks
  • Add pre-treatment
  • Remove old coolant
  • Refill with correct amount of recycled coolant
  • Add lubricant additive
  • Verify protection good to -34 degrees or better